What Is Post Production?

Post Production encompasses all the steps to take your video and audio recorded during production and turn them into a final product.

The main steps in a post production workflow are:

Ingest – This involves creating a back up of all files. Importing in to our software. Checking for any errors. Then sorting them to make the editing process quick and smooth.
Editing – This involves finding all the best takes and ordering them so a story is told. We love finding the most efficient way to communicate a message clearly while engaging the viewer and this is where that happens.
Graphics – Most projects require graphics, logos and titles. These come in after the story has be crafted and are often timed up to the music.
Music – Finding music, or having it composed specially, for your project. We love offering our clients multiple choices of music depending on the style and mood of their project.
Sound Mix – This involves finessing the audio so the dialogue is clear, the music can be heard and also adding sound effects and other atmospheric noises to add depth and interest.
Colour Grade – The colour grade is where your image comes alive. It involves adjusting the saturation, contrast, brightness and colours to enhance the visuals and guide the eye of the viewer.
Export – Creating finished files of different sizes and types for different deliveries. Depending on if your finished video is going to TV, Cinema, YouTube or being played at a conference.

Now that you know a little more about Post Production and what happens in each step please have a read of our next blog post ; “Why Post Production Is So Important”.