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We take great pride in our interview filming. We work really hard to help each interviewee sound and look great and take the extra time to make sure what they say is clear and succinct.

To achieve high quality interviews it is best if we have a large, quiet location and the interviewee doesn’t feel rushed.

It takes roughly 1 hour to set up the lights, cameras and microphones, and 45 minutes to pack everything down.

Below is a table showing, roughly, the amount of time it takes to interview 1 person vs 2 people. For each additional interview we recommend an extra 90 minutes. We can film 2 interviews in a half day, or 3 – 4 in a full day.

1 Interviewee2 Interviewees
1 hour to set up1 hour to set up
15 minutes to prep interviewee, check audio levels and to make final adjustments before filming15 minutes to prep interviewee, check audio levels and to make final adjustments before filming
1 hour interview1 hour interview
45 minute pack down30 minutes to rearrange/move to give each interviewee a different look, feel or location.
 15 minutes to prep interviewee, check audio levels and to make final adjustments before filming
 1 hour interview
 45 minutes Pack Down
Roughly 3 HoursRoughly 4.5 Hours

If you’re going to be interviewed then we might ask you to bring a few different outfits along so we can pick something that will work great with our equipment.

Items to avoid:

• Clothing items that are white and black as they’re often over powering in a shot.

• Anything with really fine patterns, you might have a lovely checkered shirt with a fine pattern but sometimes that can cause funny shapes when people watch the video back

• Any Materials that can cause rustling sounds on our microphones such as rain jackets or puffy vests made with a synthetic material

Items that we love:

• Pastel coloured items are great on camera

• Natural materials such as cotton which doesn’t rustle.

• Button up shirts and tops make it easier for us to hide a lapel microphone

• Jackets are a nice touch as they help us to hide microphones, but nothing too dark.

• Don’t dress extra fancy, we still want you to look natural and be comfortable.


For corporate projects we usually shoot on location in your office, warehouse or worksite.

Sometimes your worksite might not be suitable because of sound issues, or maybe it is all outside and the weather looks treacherous. If we’re filming outside it is always good to keep an eye on the weather and have a backup location indoors.


For commercials we usually source locations that are appropriate for the script. Sometimes these come with additional fees and time restrictions. If you have an idea for a video, it is always good to think about where it will be filmed. Don’t set your advertisement inside an airplane unless you have the budget to hire the location.


With training videos we often need a quiet space for a long time to record all the information. In these situations we often hire a studio where we can control the lighting and know that sound and rain won’t be a problem. Sound studios come with a half day or full day cost and there’s many choices all across Melbourne depending on size, location and budget.

While most of our work is taking a project from concept through to completion we’re also more than happy to complete just a section of a project.

If you need something filmed and have an in-house editor that is 100% a service we can provide.

Alternatively if you’ve got some footage already recorded and need someone to edit it we’re more than happy to put it together. Just make sure we can have a look through it when you get in touch so we can quote appropriately.

We can certainly help you with that. We’re always happy to chat with our clients about their ideas, how they can be executed, and what it might cost.

We always give honest feedback as well. So if we think your idea might need some refinement before it goes in to production we’ll tell you. And if you need a hand writing a script we’re happy to give it a crack first or to look over what you have.

Every video we create we provide 2 rounds of feedback changes for the client. This is our standard process and we find most clients are able to get the video they’re after with this number of revisions. If there are other smaller changes required and there’s time left in the editing budget we’re happy to squeeze them in. If the direction of the video changes dramatically during the editing process we’ll provide a breakdown of any additional costs that could occur from that.

We primarily use Google Drive and Dropbox to deliver our videos.

We typically send a web ready video (h.264 codec in 1080p resolution) so it can go straight on to YouTube, Facebook or Vimeo.

We can also provide “master” files in a higher quality codec if required, just let us know if you need them.

Other platforms require different resolutions such as Instagram or TikTok and we can deliver your videos ready for these platforms.

We can also deliver files ready for Cinema or TV if required, just let us know and we’ll sort the rest.

So glad you asked! The more we know about your organisation, clients and the intended audience the better.

When getting in touch with us about a video project the best thing to do is fill in our Video Brief document. You can find that

>> HERE <<

Just download it, complete as much of it as possible and then email it back to us.

When we chat to our clients one of the first things they ask is if their video can be used across different platforms. It is very common for us to make a “hero video” which might be 2-3 minutes in duration, and then create multiple different versions, usually shorter, for different platforms.

We can 100% turn your hero video in to many different videos, including ones optimised for Instagram posts, reels and stories, Facebook posts, YouTube pre-rolls, and website home page videos.

The simplest way to get the best results across all the platforms is to plan for it. That means making the decision in pre-production about the duration of each video, what will be in it, and where it will be shown. That helps us get everything we need when filming and makes the editing process quicker and easier.

Depending on what is needed time frames on delivery of your video can be anywhere from 2 weeks to 2 months. We find that, on average, from start to finish it takes around 4 or 5 weeks to complete a project.

During this time we ascertain your needs, we’ll book in a time to come and film. Then we do the editing, graphics, titles and music and a couple of rounds of revisions.

There is always the possibility to complete this quicker if needed and often it comes down to how quickly you can provide us the information we need and the feedback during the editing process.

If you have a hard deadline and need something done quickly, we’re always happy to prioritise a project to get it done ASAP. Just let us know so we can block out the time.


If you’ve got a question that hasn’t been answered here then please get in touch and we’ll be sure to add it here!