What to consider before your corporate video shoot

There are many moving pieces when it comes to producing a corporate video. In today’s blog post we’ll cover three of the major considerations to selecting and setting up a space for filming.


The Location

The location we film in should represent you and your brand. This may mean a studio with a coloured backdrop, a well-lit and vibrant office space, or even outside in a park. Whatever corporate video production service you’re looking to implement a corporate video company can help you select a location that will work best. 

Melbourne is a vibrant city that can be tailored for any look you’re after, be it on-trend, or even something more disruptive and anti-culture.  A Melbourne corporate video can have any location you can dream up, it’s just a matter of finding what works with your budget and message. 

For example, you might feature the inner suburbs, where there are many locations designed around Scandinavian minimalism, with light wood and plant life. The CBD can offer the backdrop of a traditional office to promote a heritage business; and the suburbs can lend homely warmth, for a more family orientated and personal feel.

It’s important to work with a corporate video company to find the best location to match your messaging and objectives. They will also highlight other things, like advising what types of clothes, patterns, and colours people should wear to complement the chosen setting. 


The Lighting 

So you’ve engaged in corporate video production services and your location has been selected and a date chosen for filming. It may be perfect in principle, but the job isn’t over yet. Next, it has to be lit, which may seem straightforward, but there are many factors that contribute to successful lighting. A few of the lighting challenges a location might present are:

  • Windows with direct sun providing inconsistent lighting
  • Top-down, hard shadows from overhead lighting
  • A lack of natural lighting
  • A mix of colour temperatures from incandescent, fluro, and daylight sources.

One big difference between a great-looking video and an average video is its lighting so it is very important a location is picked that will work.


The Sound

Videos aren’t just pretty pictures, the audio must be recorded with crisp, clear sound.

Some of the common difficulties corporate video productions run into when recording sound are:

  • Planes, too close to an airport
  • Trains, too close to a train station
  • Trams, How close are we to a tram line
  • Air conditioning that can’t be isolated
  • Other office users unaware of filming taking place
  • Hard surfaces in large rooms create echo/reverb

When selecting a location it is important to consider whether it is suitable for recording audio.


Final Thoughts

To find a great location it is important to consider all these elements and also what is possible for your budget. This needs to be considered before shooting and sometimes a small compromise in one area is needed to make sure the other areas work.