Melbourne Video Production

If you need a video production company in Melbourne, then look no further. Poached Egg Pictures is the reliable, affordable, one-stop video production company you’ve been searching for. 

We love Melbourne, it’s a vibrant city with a diverse range of people, culture, food, art, music and businesses.

This incredible diversity forms a melting pot of creativity that we love to absorb and be inspired by. This also creates an environment for almost any kind of video to be made, whatever you can dream up.

While Melbourne is our home, we aren’t afraid of travel. We don’t just offer video production in Melbourne, we work with clients all over Australia. We’ve created projects in Queensland, NSW, South Australia and all over regional Victoria and love the opportunity to see more of this beautiful country.

So how can Poached Egg Pictures help you?

If you have a Melbourne-based video project or are in need of a Melbourne-based company, we can produce and manage your project for you. We can film everything from a 15-second Instagram sizzle designed to highlight your brand’s personality, to a series of educational videos for your organisation. 

Here are some examples of the work we’ve created here, in this beautiful city!

Commercials in Melbourne

This project was produced with Melbourne based agency Creative Matter for Banter Games. Produced, directed and edited here in Melbourne,.

Corporate video in Melbourne

This project titled “Invert 2.0 MINI Living” was created with RMIT, MINI, in partnership with creative agency Kamber. It’s a mixture of design students and architects considering the future design for the city of Melbourne and showcases some of what the city landscape is, and could be.

Video marketing in Melbourne

This project titled “Behind the Gates” was created directly with Benview, Farms who were looking to expand and wanted a video that would highlight their brand. 

Our business motto is Premium Videos, Lovingly Created.

If you like what you’ve seen so far, you can check out more of our portfolio or get in contact to discuss your project needs.