Work With Poached Egg Pictures

The Poached Egg Pictures team are always looking for talented individuals to bring on to projects as needed.

We have a core team of freelancers we use regularly but are always keen to expand our list.

Whether you’re an experienced producer, an efficient editor, an art department guru, a gun focus puller or the most nimble boom swinger around, please do get in touch.

Remember to include your contact details, day rates, examples of your work, a reference, and where you’re located.

When you work with the Poached Egg Pictures team we’ve got your back. That means we:

  • Pay livable, sustainable rates
  • Pay the same day you invoice
  • Pay Superannuation

We are actively trying to be the change we want to see in the industry.

So get in touch:

We are currently not taking student work experience placements.