Corporate Videos

If you’re looking to produce a corporate video in Melbourne, or from anywhere around Australia, then look no further. Poached Egg Pictures is the professional, one-stop corporate video company you’re seeking.

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For Chris and Gerald, the founders of Poached Egg Pictures, producing a corporate video is about creating something with the utmost care and consideration. When working with you we’ll make sure even the smallest of details are treated with the same level of importance as the big ones. This care to the details, and guarantee that your video will meet our high standards is what will make your project stand out ensuring your investment is worthwhile. 

So how can Poached Egg Pictures help you?

Whatever type of project you envisage, we will capture the look and feel and personality of your brand when collaborating with you rorganisation. We guarantee our corporate video production is amongst Melbourne’s finest.

We can produce any type of corporate video you need – from internal videos for personnel or shareholders to external brand videos, or even a fun and creative end-of-year celebratory video to recognise the year that was. 

What’s more, we are the corporate video production company that can get the job done on time and on budget. Due to the large number of projects we have completed over the years, we have perfected workflows to ensure projects run smoothly, are of the highest quality, and meet your objectives. 

Our corporate video production services include a whole range of features as standard:

  • Graphics, including titles, logos and lower thirds
  • Colour grading, to enhance the visuals and make your video pop
  • Sound mixing, so the carefully worded script or interview can be heard over the music
  • Edit Revisions, all clients receive 2x rounds of edit revisions to make sure all the details are perfect before we hand over the final video.

All these things make a huge difference to the quality of your final project. Extras can also be added such as advanced animations and more complex special effects. 

So please drop us a line to discuss your next corporate video project.

Our business motto is reflected in everything we do, including our corporate videos: Premium Videos, Lovingly Created.

If you’d like to get a quote for an upcoming project please fill in our Quote Form.