The Production Process

It is important to understand the video production process before you jump in the deep end. Each of the steps below take time and every unique project has its own set of challenges.

STEP 1 – Understand Your Needs

At Poached Egg Pictures we’ll learn about your needs before we jump in to writing you a concept. Understanding the core needs of what your video has to achieve and who the audience is drives our decisions and will shape the project from the start.

STEP 2 – Concept Creation

After our initial conversation, we’ll look over your needs and begin brainstorming concepts. Once we’ve created something unique just for you, we’ll put together a pitch and share our ideas with you.

STEP 3 – Workshop It

You can’t hit the nail on the head 100% of the time, so we’ll listen to your feedback and workshop our ideas to get the concept, script, look, locations and cast just right.

STEP 4 – Pre-Production

Once we’re all on the same page we’ll begin assembling everything. During pre-production the team, dates and locations are all locked in and everything is taken care of so your shoot goes as smoothly as possible.

STEP 5 – The Shoot

All the hard work is captured using top of the line equipment so the final product glows. Shoot days are exciting and fast paced as we make sure we record everything necessary to tell your story. Setting up equipment including cameras, lights, dollys and microphones can take time but it’s important to remember that Rome wasn’t built in a day.

STEP 6 – Post Production

Here is where we take everything we recorded on set and begin ordering it to tell your story. Once it’s edited we put it to music, sound mix, colour grade and add titles. It’s important to allocate enough time to post production to make sure the story is told efficiently and effectively.

STEP 7 – Revisions

When we’re close to finished the editing, we’ll send you a rough cut to look at. You can provide feedback about shots, length, titles, music and we’ll go through and tidy everything up before delivering you your final video.