Not For Profit

Not for profit organisations benefit greatly from video content which can be used for a range of projects including fundraising and awareness campaigns. 

  • Guide Dogs Australia - Rethink Refusal
  • cohealth - Inclusive Recruitment
  • Francine - Cancer Council Victoria - Girls Night In
  • Caring Fairly Case Study with Jo
  • You Are Not Alone - Arafmi
  • Eating Disorders Victoria - Peer Mentoring Program

Poached Egg Pictures has completed a wide range of projects and nonprofit ad campaigns with a variety of NFP organisations including Cancer Council Victoria, Telco Together, Womens Health in the North, and Eating Disorders Victoria.

Chris and Gerald, the founders of Poached Egg Pictures, love working in the not-for-profit sector, creating high quality videos with both a personalised and compassionate approach. We love putting our skills to use showcasing the amazing work being done every day at not-for-profit organisations across Australia.

So how can Poached Egg Pictures help you?

Regardless of the type of non-profit advertisement you’re looking for, we can conceptualise, write, produce, film, and edit your content. We have experience creating fundraising campaigns, brand awareness videos, training videos, non-profit ads and highlight reels for events.

We believe the best non-profit videos highlight the genuine voices behind your cause. Our approach begins with learning about your organisation, getting to know your staff, and understanding your target audience. This helps to ensure the messages in your video are clear, authentic, and meaningful.

We’re highly experienced at coaching staff to be their best  in front of the camera, even those who have no experience presenting. We always make sure there is a safe and comfortable environment so those talking through difficult emotional topics can be at ease.

Videos can be an expensive necessity within your marketing strategy. You can be sure that the team at Poached Egg Pictures will do their best to utilise your budget efficiently to deliver you the most content. Our video production services include everything you need so your videos have impact – beautiful images, crisp audio, fresh graphics, and a team that will support you, your staff and your messaging.

Our business motto is reflected in everything we do, including our not-for-profit videos: Premium Videos, Lovingly Created.  So please drop us a line to discuss your next video project.

If you’d like to get a quote for an upcoming project please fill in our Video Brief Template.