Media Production

If you’re looking for a media production company in Melbourne, then look no further, in fact, we can complete work from anywhere around Australia. Poached Egg Pictures is the reliable, affordable, one-stop production company you’re seeking. 

Poached Egg Pictures has managed digital media productions for a range of clients from all different sectors, including not-for-profit organisations, family-owned businesses, pharmaceutical companies and even global tech giants.   

For Chris and Gerald, the founders of Poached Egg Pictures, producing high quality video content is about making sure the smallest of details are treated with the same level of importance as the big details. This is what will make your video stand out and ensure your investment is worthwhile.

So how can Poached Egg Pictures help you?

Media production in Melbourne  is of the highest standard and provides you with many different options. We will find out what you need and find the best options as we tailor your project to your needs; from pre-production all the way through to final delivery.

We produce videos at a range of different budgets so whatever you envisage, we will find a way to capture the look and feel of your brand. Check out our range of services below! If you searched for media production companies near me and found us then we encourage you to drop us a line to discuss your project. 

Our business motto is reflected in everything we do: Premium Videos, Lovingly Created.