Three things to help us, help you!

Video production is a complex operation with many intertwined areas coming together to create a single, unified product.

There’s the client, the agency, the production company, freelance crew, editors, sound mixers, colourists… if you’ve watched a film all the way to the end you’ll know the positions listed in the credits are almost endless!

So, it might seem a little overwhelming then but that’s why you’ve hired a production company to take care of it all for you, now all you’ve got to do is help us, help you.

The three biggest things which will help us!

1. Know what your desired outcomes are and who your audience are.

When we know who you’re trying to reach and why, we’ll be able to refer back to that in every part of the creative process. This gives us direction and will effects the choices we make throughout all the steps of the production. If we know from the get go who, where, why, we’ll be quicker and better at delivering the product you’re after.

2. Appoint a person with whom all communication will travel though.

When e-mails are bouncing around all over the place sometimes a vital piece of information will get lost or a particular idea doesn’t get forwarded to the right person. If there’s one person in charge of relaying information this can speed up communication and help us make sure we put together the video you’ve been dreaming of.

3. Let us be creative!

At the heart of it, we all love doing creative things. In the day to day running of a business much of our time is spent on admin. BUT when a project comes along and we’re given the freedom to tackle your problem how we want, then we’re going to really sink out teeth in to it. If you give us creative freedom and your trust then we promise your project will come out fresh and exciting and have a flare you hadn’t expected or thought of.