Canon C200 RAW workflow on Windows

We picked up our brand new Canon C200 yesterday from Videocraft. Capable of RAW, 4K, Slow motion, with inbuilt ND filters and a proxy workflow if required we were very excited to start shooting tests before a job next week.

After shooting a 128GB card of RAW footage today I started working with the footage on our Windows10 edit suite. This machine is no slouch –

8GB GTX1070
2x M.2 Sata disks for Premiere Projects, Cache and Media
32GB of RAM

And was designed for 4k workflows using Adobe CC.

After the shoot came the disaster that is Canon’s Cinema RAW Development for windows. The only options are DPX sequences, in 10bit or 16bit and OpenEXR.

My first RAW C200 file, 76 seconds and 5Gb in size, suddenly became 50GB after encoding to DPX 10bit.

Premiere couldn’t the DPX sequence, it took 5 minutes to import and wouldn’t play back even with the resolution dropped to 1/8. Not only that the entire process for the 1 clip had taken around 25minutes. Not a great workflow.

After that I tried using Resolve 14 Beta 6. It ingested the files happily and it was much quicker to encode compared to Canon’s own software. I encoded 80GB (around 11 minutes of footage into QT DNx 4K) in 40 minutes in Resolve. In the same time I only achieved 2minutes in Canon using the same hardware.

The downside, I don’t have access to the gamma and color space like I do with Canon, but until they provide usable export options and software which exports faster I won’t be going back.